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Review: Banging Reaper by Izzy Sweet and Sean Moriarity

I really liked the premise of this book: Avery’s best friend turns on her after losing a match so his opponent comes to her rescue. Avery and Chase are both great characters, real without being boring and interesting without being over-the-top. She’s had a really rough life and has always struggled, both financially and with being mostly alone in the world except for Ethan, who has been her best friend for years. Chase comes from a more privileged background but he works hard in his career and he’s very generous with the people he loves.

Avery has a lot of angst about Chase’s generosity because of the way Ethan has always made her feel like she owes him something for being her friend. Their dysfunction is the norm for her, so much that she doesn’t realize how bad things are until he does the unthinkable. This was a page-turner and I didn’t want to put it down. I loved the characters and enjoyed their story very much.

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Banging Reaper
by Izzy Sweet and Sean Moriarity
Pounding Hearts book 1
Published 2015

Banging Reaper by Izzy Sweet
Banging Reaper by Izzy Sweet & Sean Moriarity

Two men. Only one can be the best in the ring.
Only one can make her completely his.


Life isn’t easy when your mother abandons you and the grandmother who raised you is gone. Ethan has been my best friend since middle school. He helped me out with college when I was flat broke, and now I feel like I owe him. So when he starts treating me like his MMA lucky charm, it’s hard to say no. But when he finally loses, he blames me—and Reaper, the guy who beat the crap out of him, is the one who rescues me.

I want to forgive Ethan … but I can’t resist Reaper.


Yeah, they call me Reaper, because I make anyone who fights me wish he was dead. I’m large and in charge with a big house, two cars, and enough money to party for the rest of my days. Life is great—but meeting Avery changes everything. She’s nothing like the ring girls I usually hook up with. There’s just something about her that brings out the protective beast inside me. She needs to be mine, but that cheating asshole Ethan is in the way.

I’ll do whatever it takes to claim her … even if that means destroying her best friend.

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