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Review: Space Junk by Sara L. Hudson

Jackie is a certified genius working Mission Control at NASA when she meets Rose and her hot brother, Flynn. The attraction is instant but Jackie has no social skills because her job is her life. She has one friend who occasionally blackmails Jackie into social activity, which how she met Rose and Flynn. Even if she wasn’t shy and self-conscious, she still wouldn’t make a move because she learned long ago that men aren’t to be trusted. There was one guy she’d ever shared her heart with and he betrayed her in the worst possible way, so she’s never going through that again.

Flynn wants Jackie bad, but the beautiful engineer doesn’t know what to make of the sexy mechanic. Any time he jokes, she thinks he’s making fun of her and pulls away from him. He hasn’t felt this way about a women in, well ever that he can recall but he’s determined to make Jackie see that she means the world to him. There’s a great supporting cast and Jackie’s new friends, Rose and Trish, are the best girl gang you could want. This is the first in a series, so I can’t wait to read their stories. This is sweet, steamy and fun. This was my first book by the author, but I’ll definitely be reading more.

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Space Junk
by Sarah L. Hudson
Space series book 1 of 4

Published 2020

Space Junk by Sarah Hudson
Space Junk by Sarah L. Hudson

NASA engineer Dr. Jackie Darling Lee is a genius about many things… the male species is not one of them (despite the many cowboy romances she reads).

Then a little friendly blackmail from a co-worker has Jackie walking into a Texas saloon ready to initiate Operation Social Life.
After making friends with her waitress and helping a drunk country beauty get home safely, she thinks she’s off to a good start.

Flynn West left his family’s rich ranching life behind after discovering his girlfriend’s gold digging ways. Now he specializes in vintage muscle car restorations in his own shop in Houston.
He’s taken women off his radar, until a wild-haired blonde drags his drunk little sister through his front door.
The moment he sees those thick, black-framed glasses on that slender nose, Flynn’s captivated. Ignitions ignite, and not just from Flynn’s skills at hot-wiring cars.

But in the midst of the International Space Station being threatened and old flames reappearing, can Jackie and Flynn let go of old hang-ups long enough to reach the end of their Happily Ever After countdown?

Or will it be a failure to launch?

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