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Review: Killian by Susie McIver

The premise of this plot sounds really good so I was excited to read this but I couldn’t get past the first few chapters. This was so bad, it ended up as a DNF, which is rare for me. The writing is rough, which I could power through for a good story but the entire first chapter is an info dump. We learn about the MC’s entire life in rapid succession yet completely devoid of any detail.

That includes life in an orphanage, a traumatic childhood boat explosion, being kidnapped and raised by strangers who pretend he’s their son, having a family of his own, losing his wife and being stuck on a deserted island for a year and rescued by his missing and kidnapper families (I think, but that’s the point where I really began tuning out).

And it’s all written in bizarrely short, stilted sentences as though translated from some foreign tongue that doesn’t translate to English very well. Everything about this is strange and nothing made sense.

Killian by Susie McIver
Killian by Susie McIver

Three years ago, former Navy Seal Killian Cooper lost his wife and thought he’d never find a love like that again. That is… until he meets Bird Brewer. The two spend an unforgettable night together.

Bird Brewer, a Louisiana native, knew she was in trouble the moment she first laid eyes on Killian. The D.C. based father is everything she wants in a man… if he lived closer to her.

When Bird is kidnapped, Killian and a couple of his team of ex Navy Seals buddies who own a security business together are on the case. He doesn’t hesitate to pack his bags and travel to Louisiana to save her, but what he discovers there may be more deadly than he thinks.

Find out what happens when a one-night stand could lead to a lifetime if they survive!

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