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Review: Gianluca by Isabella Cassazza

This book was a rollercoaster ride. I liked Callie right away, Gianluca not so much. He was such an obnoxious prick and not likable at all until we learned more about him. Both characters had interesting backstories and family lives but the real fun was the way they interacted and the banter. Once the relationship became physical, that seemed to be all it was so I wish there had been a bit more interaction outside of the love scenes because this was too insta-love for me. I still enjoyed their story very much and would love to see this kick off a new series. Maybe Cesca’s story can come next.

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by Isabella Cassazza

Published 2020

A beautiful intern. Her grumpy Italian boss. An unforgettable trip to Tuscany that could turn these enemies into lovers…

I long to see Europe before I start community college. So I‘m ecstatic when I land a fashion internship with one of Rome’s top fashion houses. But when my boss turns out to have an ego bigger than his industry, I fear this Italian dream is about to turn into a hellish nightmare.

I want one thing in life: for the world to recognize my talent. Nearing my takeover of the Ravelli Group, I‘m certain the upcoming winter styles photoshoot is the perfect chance to seal the deal. But as the big event approaches, I‘m less than thrilled to be saddled with a naïve American assistant with no fashion experience.

As we travel to sun-soaked Tuscany for the shoot, we both do our best to fight the growing attraction between us. But will the sparks burn down our ambitions or ignite a lifetime love affair?

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