One Wild Weekend With Ryder by Lexi Hart
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Review: One Wild Weekend With Ryder by Lexi Hart

This was a short read but well worth it. It started out as a “what the heck am I reading?” kind of thing, but quickly drew me in. Ryder was standoffish and kind of a jerk at first but things got interesting fast and this book is steamy. I can’t say much without giving it away but will say this: hot MMA fighter, forced proximity, organized crime, maybe a murder. This is definitely worth an hour or two of your time. Lexi Hart is a new author to me but I’ll definitely check out her other work after this.

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One Wild Weekend With Ryder
by Lexi Hart
One Wild Weekend book 17

Published 2020

One Wild Weekend With Ryder by Lexi Hart
Review: One Wild Weekend With Ryder by Lexi Hart

He’s the only gift she wants to unwrap this Christmas . . .

If you believe the hype, Christmas is supposed to be a time to spend with loved ones.

And up until a few days ago, I was blissfully happy, in full holiday mode and planning to visit my family in Iowa with my lovely new boyfriend, Adam.

But rather than the engagement ring I expected and the happy introduction to my family, Adam dumps me.

Via email.

I did not handle it well.

Seven-ish Margaritas and half a box of tissues later, and I’ve somehow accidentally agreed to spend Christmas in Alaska.

To make matters worse, when I touch down in Anchorage, it’s not my sweet old college roommate, Cindy waiting for me with more tissues, but her smoking hot brother, Ryder.

I’m supposed to be writing a review of Cindy’s retreat for the travel magazine I work for, and getting over Adam, not fantasizing about smooching a broody ex MMA fighter under the mistletoe.

As if the three-hour drive back to the retreat with him wasn’t awkward enough, knowing Cindy’s broken her ankle and can’t show me around makes it even worse.

My reluctant tour guide has made it clear I’m an inconvenience, so wandering off to take photos of The Northern Lights and falling through the ice, only makes him resent my intrusion more.

But after we’re forced to spend a night snuggled together in his cabin to stave off hypothermia, and he lets slip why he hates Christmas, I’m pretty sure there’s warmth under his icy exterior.

If I can get just get him to let his guard down long enough to tell me why he lives like a cross between a prepper and a hermit in the wilderness, there’s a chance I might still be here come New Years…

If you love fast burn Alpha Male Protectors, Opposites Attract, Accidental Romance and Steamy Action Adventure stories with a HEA . . . The One Wild Weekend Series was written for you!

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