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Review: Fair Game by Monica Murphy

I assumed it would take a while to warm up to Shep because of the premise, but it was the opposite. He was immediately likeable and fun, but Jade was pretty hard to take. She was too rude and immature to win me over and for a lot of the story, my feelings towards her weren’t improving. But the more I thought about it, the more realistic she seemed. After all, she’s a nineteen year-old college freshman with minimal experience and Shep is from a completely different world. He’s older, rich, popular and a known player, so why would she take him seriously? It made sense that Jade thought he was using her but still struggled with her attraction to this gorgeous man. If she’d warmed up to him quicker, that would’ve made her a pushover.

This was a fun read and I loved the storyline. The fact that I liked Shep despite his callous behavior when they met was a nice surprise. The author created a guy worthy of a HEA right from the start. He did make mistakes, particularly one huge one, but he was so caught off guard by wanting this woman, his fears were understandable. That doesn’t excuse the way he hurt her, but he definitely made up for it, proving himself to her multiple times. I enjoyed Jade and Shep’s story very much and will probably check out the rest of the series.

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Fair Game
by Monica Murphy
The Rules book 1
Published 2015

Fair Game by Monica Murphy
Review: Fair Game by Monica Murphy

When you become the poker prize, all bets are off . . .

Jade Frost thought she was going on a date with her boyfriend–not to his poker game.

She really didn’t expect that weasel to throw her in the pot.

Then he had the nerve to lose. Talk about the perfect excuse for Jade to make him her ex-boyfriend. She wasn’t quick enough, though. Before she knows it, a frat boy wins the hand–and her.

Shep Prescott is extremely handsome and richer than sin, but he doesn’t own her. It was just a game, after all.

No matter how disinterested she acts, no matter how rudely she rejects his advances, he keeps coming back. Maybe even more than before.

He could have anything he wants, but she’s the only prize he’s after. When she finds herself starting to fall for him, Jade’s confused. There’s more to Shep than the carefree player he shows the world.

So is he ready to win her for real, or will she call his bluff?

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