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Review: Storm by Serena Akeroyd

Storm and Keira are a force. There’s action, but the characters are the story. This is a tale of love and loss and redemption, all about what they have done and how they change for the better. At times they adapt to survive but they ultimately succeed at love and life with their family. It’s long and not an easy read. It’s emotional but gripping. Even though I wanted to know what came next, there were points when I did have to put it down and step away.

I both loved and hated the characters at times because they’re real and flawed. They’ve done bad things and no one is innocent here, yet they work hard to do better and be better for each other and their daughter, so I wanted them to succeed. I’m torn as to whether or not this can be considered a HEA. I guess most would define it that way, but there was just too much heartache here for me. Even when all’s well that ends well, I can’t get past some of the middle. The epilogue is bittersweet and I wasn’t prepared for it.

Having not read the previous books in the series, I expected to struggle a bit but the detail and background were perfect. This can be read as a standalone and was crafted in such a way that readers could skip it due to triggers and the author has handled every aspect masterfully. This is my first book by Serena Akeroyd, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it won’t be my last.

I was given an advance copy by Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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by Serena Akeroyd
Dark & Dirty Sinners MC book 8

Published 2021

Storm by Serena Akeroyd
Review: Storm by Serena Akeroyd
Dark & Dirty Sinners MC book 4


You hate me.

I deserve it.

The day I betrayed the love of my life was the day I lived up to every messed-up thing my haters say about me.

But I’m tired of feeling like a POS.

I’m tired of being broken.

I’m tired of life not being worth living.

It’s time now to make amends, and to earn my woman’s love back.

To be the father my kid deserves,

the Old Man I should always have been.

Join me for the ride as I become worthy of my family.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll surprise you.

This is a standalone and can be read out of order.

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