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Review: The Spy by Sophie Lark

This is an epic end to a remarkable series. It’s an understatement to say Kingmakers ends with a bang because there’s so much that happens and so many things explained. And I will absolutely read the entire series over now with this new knowledge because I think it will be even better the second time around. I’m struggling to write this without spoiling anything because I can’t even use the name of one of the MCs without ruining the suspense, but oh my stars, this is a great story.

There’s so much action and so many subplots, but it’s all so perfectly interwoven, there’s no confusion or plot holes. It all flows and makes sense. It’s always kind of odd reading about such young characters but I love watching them grow and change because so much hinges on the transformation. Dean and Cat are probably still my favorite couple of the bunch, just barely edging out the others, but I really enjoyed this book, too. I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll just say that the MCs weren’t who I expected, but their story is amazing. Reading this book was like watching an action movie in my head. The author has a gift for description, really painting a picture with her words and I love that in a book.

This story was riveting from the first page. More than once, I thought I knew what was coming next only to be surprised, which is rare. One thing I wasn’t expecting at all was a third POV but it added so much to the story. The epilogue wraps up all the storylines for the various characters throughout the series nicely, which is one of my favorite things. I’m always sad to see a great series end but I couldn’t imagine a better ending for this one. I loved everything about it.

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The Spy on Amazon

The Spy
by Sophie Lark
Kingmakers book 4

Available July 28, 2021

I’ve waited three long years for this…

Hiding. Lying. Spying.

Waiting like a spider for her to wander into my web…

Now she’s here, and I have to get even closer to her. I’ll help her. Befriend her. Seduce her, even.

The only thing I can’t do is fall in love with her.

Her father took everything from me: my money, my family, my life.

He has to pay for what he’s done. And she’s the only thing that can hurt him…

The Lark Notes:
I’ve been planting clues and Easter Eggs all the way through the first three Kingmakers books — now it’s time for the secrets to be revealed, and the mysteries to find their conclusions. The moment you finish “The Spy”, you’re going to want to go back and read the whole series all over again! – Sophie

“The Spy” is the final installment in the epic dark mafia Kingmakers series. It’s a forbidden romance, full of mystery, betrayal, and an explosive conclusion that will give you the biggest book hangover of your life!

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