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Review: The Bookworm’s Guide To Faking It by Emma Hart

I absolutely loved Kinsley and Josh in the first Bookworm’s Guide and a fake relationship is a personal favorite so I was looking forward to Holley’s story. I’m sad to say it was disappointing. Holley is nowhere near as fun and funny as Kinsley. In fact, she’s kind of mean and miserable. The first book was full of humor and adorable banter but this one is different. I think the author was trying to be funny but Holley comes off more bitter and cruel than sarcastic and funny. She seemed cool in Kinsley’s book so I wasn’t prepared for this other side of her.

Sebastian could do better and I kept wondering why he even wanted her in his life. The gist of the story is that they were best friends growing up until she saw him kissing her nemesis at prom, then she never spoke to him again. For ten YEARS. And now she’s mad that he contacted her. I get being hurt and angry and shutting him out for a little while but years? That’s too much.

He intended to kiss Holley but accidentally kissed another girl with a similar dress and hairstyle, which is a good premise for a fight or broken friendship but there’s no redeeming a character who holds a grudge for ten years without even letting the supposed best friend explain. When the truth comes out, Holley realizes that she wasted ten years that they could’ve been together by cutting all contact and instead of apologizing to him, she goes off to pout and feel sorry for herself.

She just isn’t a likeable character at all. Sebastian was great and I loved the supporting characters as much as in the first book. I’m still going to give Saylor’s story a chance for those reasons, but this book couldn’t have been more disappointing.

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The Bookworm’s Guide To Faking It
by Emma Hart
The Bookworm’s Guide book 2

Published 2020

The Bookworm's Guide to Faking It by Emma Hart - Bookworm's Guide book 2
Review: The Bookworm’s Guide To Faking It by Emma Hart – Bookworm’s Guide book 2

What I expected on Saturday morning: Books.
What I got on Saturday morning: my ex-best friend and first crush in front of me.

Let it be known that I, Holley Stuart, do not give a single rat’s behind about pro baseball’s star pitcher Sebastian Stone.
I definitely don’t care that he’s standing in my bookstore.
Nor do I care that he seems to have forgotten about the last time we saw each other—senior prom, when he both humiliated me and broke my heart, albeit unknowingly.
Now, he needs a date to his sister’s wedding.
Don’t ask me how I ended up being it, because I have no idea. But that’s the least of my problems.
His grandfather is adamant we’re dating, and Seb isn’t in a hurry to convince him otherwise, so I have no choice but to go along with it.
The problem? The only thing I’ve ever faked is… well, you know.
I’ve definitely never faked my feelings for someone.
And judging by the way I feel whenever Seb looks at me, it doesn’t look like I’m starting now . . .

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