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Review: The Bookworm’s Guide To Dating by Emma Hart

The premise of this series appealed to me because it’s about three friends who own a successful bookstore in small-town Montana, which is honestly my dream life. My Plan B has always been to fake my own death and assume a new identity as a small-town deputy or librarian in Wyoming or Montana so you can see why I had to give this book a try. But I digress . . .

Kinsley is an introvert with a string of bad dates in her past and decides to try online dating. Her brother’s best friend offers to play matchmaker and it seems like a sweet offer at first. Kinsley and Josh have been friends forever so he knows her well enough to help. Except Josh has been secretly in love with Kinsley for years and this is his attempt to get over her. She’s his best-friend’s sister so off-limits per the bro code, so he can’t act on his feelings, but Kinsley is determined to call him out and make him admit how he likes her.

I loved the banter between these two, it was pretty realistic and always funny. The supporting characters balance things out nicely. we get just enough information about the others to set up the future stories, but not enough to distract from Josh and Kinsley’s story. Her inner monologue is great and Josh is so sweet, they’re a fun couple. Throw in a duck parade and a retirement community full of bossy grandparents and hilarity ensues. There were a few spots where things got a little silly but I still liked the story. This was a pretty quick read and I’ll definitely continue the series.

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The Bookworm’s Guide To Dating
by Emma Hart
The Bookworm’s Guide book 1

Published 2020

Review: The Bookworm's Guide To Dating by Emma Hart - Bookworm book 1
Review: The Bookworm’s Guide To Dating by Emma Hart – Bookworm book 1

What I wanted for my birthday: Books.
What I got for my birthday: my brother’s best friend playing matchmaker.

Let it be known that I, Kinsley Lane, am one hundred percent against being set up with somebody.
And I’m one thousand percent sure that Josh Carter is not the man to find me a boyfriend.
I mean, if I’m so great, why isn’t he the one dating me? (For the record, I don’t know the answer. That’s just what the guy on the internet asked.)
Still, I’ll humor him. If I go on his little dates, he’ll teach my bookish, introverted self how not to be totally, completely, utterly, unforgivably awkward on every single one of them.
And all I have to do is fall in love with one of the lovely gentlemen he’s serving up for me on a silver platter—all of whom fit my very specific guidelines.
Simple, right?
It would be.
If only I could stop falling for Josh.

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