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Condemned To Love by Siobhan Davis bonus scene

Condemned To Love was one of my first reviews on the blog and I recently gave it a second read. Not only is this a fantastic story, it’s also the book that introduced me to Siobhan Davis, who’s quickly become a favorite author. It’s a fast-paced dark mafia romance about Sierra, who had a teenage crush on her oldest sister’s boyfriend before he suddenly disappeared. She’s shocked to run into him nearly a decade later and find that Ben’s the son of a powerful mob boss and has followed in his father’s footsteps. They’re likable characters and this book is steamy.

My original review mentioned the epilogue but didn’t go into detail so I wanted to say more. This bonus scene can only be had by a link at the end of the book and it’s well worth the click. There’s a quick summary of what’s happened in their lives since the book ended, giving us a glimpse into Ben and Sierra’s marriage. They now have a daughter, Rowan loves being a big brother and they’re completely in love, as always.

Condemned to Love - Siobahn Davis
Condemned to Love
Siobhan Davis

That’s pretty typical for an epilogue, but where this one stands out is in the heat. This bonus scene details a date night where Ben takes Sierra to one of his upscale sex clubs so they can experience it together. They enjoy themselves very much but probably won’t do it again because they’re both extremely jealous of strangers looking at their partner. It wasn’t surprising when Ben takes a hard line with a guy who tries to get a little too close but it was a little unexpected to see Sierra get territorial when another woman checks out Ben’s goods.

The level of detail in this bonus scene is impressive and hot as hell. Davis may write hotter love scenes than any other author and they’re never awkward or corny and she really paints a picture for the reader. It starts out in Ben’s POV as a kind of mini-epilogue and intro to the bonus scene, then the action takes place from Sierra’s POV so we get to see both of their takes.

It’s a fun little guilty pleasure read but if you closed the book at the site of the words “the end” you may have missed this opportunity entirely. It’s a nice treat for fans so if you like CTL, make sure to download the bonus scene.

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