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What’s your Favorite Podcast?

Do you have a favorite or are there too many to choose just one? Hands down, mine is True Crime Garage. I’m not big on podcasts, partially since I’m always listening to music so no time for talkies but mainly because I have the attention span of an five-year-old who just ate her weight in rock candy. I have to absorb information visually in order to focus and retain details but I decided to give podcasts a shot while working out and on long walks. Many came highly recommended by people but none held my interest until I found Nic and the Captain because those guys are amazing.

They really do their homework, highlighting lesser-known details and digging into every aspect to create extremely thorough presentations. I learn something new about everything they cover, even in cases I know well, like Zodiac or the West Memphis 3. Not only do they have the facts but they address the hypotheticals rationally, presenting them as possibilities while listing the pros and cons of those theories.

There are so many excellent episodes, it’s hard to even narrow it down to offer recommendations but The Boys On The Tracks (Episode 93 Parts 1-4) is my favorite. Anytime they have John Douglas on is always fascinating as well. The I-70 Killer (441/442) is another good one and I was especially interested in the theory of Neal Falls as the I-70 suspect. I’m hoping they cover Falls and Israel Keyes soon because both are secretive killers with potentially high body counts. Unfortunately for me, nobody’s soliciting my wish list for future podcast planning but a girl can hope, right?

They have hundreds of episodes so I won’t be running out of listening material any time soon and there’s only one episode I didn’t finish, Adam Walsh (11). I’ve studied forensics, witnessed autopsies and surgeries, even worked in a psych hospital so I’m generally immune to gore, shock and fear. This wasn’t a new story for me either, but his case destroyed me. That’s the first and last time I’ve ever had a visceral reaction to any case but it was too much and I had to turn it off.

There’s something here for everyone with over 500 episodes covering some of the most riveting and complex cases I know and quite a few that I’d never heard of before, like the DC Mansion Murders (299/300). Anyone with an interest in mysteries or true crime needs this podcast and I’m not just saying that because I’m waiting for the day I get their permission to write the scene where Cady is interviewed by Nic and the Captain, although this post could improve my chances of achieving that dream. And I’m not going overboard trying to butter them up here, I’m actually using the hat pic from the TCG on-line store because my birthday is coming up and that’s a message to my husband.

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