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My Wishes for 2022

I have all the usual hopes for health and happiness and no more pandemics, yada yada yada but those get talked to death so we're going to focus on to an important niche that doesn't get enough attention: books/reading/writing. #1 - My biggest hope for 2022 is to finish the sequel to Go For Broke… Continue reading My Wishes for 2022

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Boroughs Publishing 10th Anniversary Extravaganza

Boroughs Publishing: Where Story Matters My awesome publisher, Boroughs Publishing, is marking their 10th anniversary. We have a number of exciting events happening to celebrate all the fantastic authors and amazing stories Boroughs has given us over the years. The next episode of the Where Story Matters podcast is an extended roundtable on the Borough's… Continue reading Boroughs Publishing 10th Anniversary Extravaganza

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Resources for New Authors

I’ve always enjoyed writing and telling stories but I’m not kidding about having the attention span of a five year old who just ate her weight in rock candy, so I’m not always super productive. Writing a book isn’t easy and I made lots of mistakes along the way. Luckily, there are lots of excellent… Continue reading Resources for New Authors

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Music as Inspiration

I can't stress enough how much I love music. It's always playing in my life because it's my addiction and my vice. My entire world has a soundtrack. I have thousands of songs and hundreds of playlists of every genre, many of which would be politely considered eclectic but my friends call them downright freaking… Continue reading Music as Inspiration