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Blog Tour: Accidentally Ours by Erin Hawkins

Accidentally Ours, an all-new age-gap, accidental pregnancy, romantic comedy, and standalone in the Unexpectedly In Love series from bestselling author Erin Hawkins is available now!


With college graduation behind me and a highly coveted internship with the most prestigious event planner in the country awaiting me in New York City, I’m ready to say farewell to Vegas and reward all my years of disciplined hard work with one passionate night in a sexy stranger’s bed. 

The hookup was anonymous, only first names exchanged, so imagine my surprise when I find out he’s not only a new client’s brother, but my brother’s new boss. 

And the chemistry is still crackling between us.

But my priorities are focusing on my career and exploring my new city, not dating. 

Besides, Hunter Cartwright isn’t the guy for me. He’s thirteen years older, my brother’s boss, and a notorious bachelor.

But I can’t deny my attraction to him and all too quickly I’m giving in to his proposal. An agreement for a no-strings attached relationship where Hunter shows me the city’s sights, which includes a full tour of his bedroom. 

It’s a simple arrangement…until my pregnancy test comes back positive.  


I’m married to my career as CEO of Premier Real Estate. Never able to give a woman the time or attention she wants, I’ve kept my romantic life casual.

From the moment I saw Sophie on the dance floor in Las Vegas, I knew I had to have her. I thought it would only be one night, but now that she’s living in the same city, I can’t stop thinking about her. 

She’s young, and focused on starting her career, but that’s perfect because I don’t have the time or inclination for a relationship. When she takes me up on my offer to show her the city while we explore the chemistry between us, I’m relieved. We’ll enjoy each other until the flame between us dies out.

Then, I’ll do what I always do…walk away.

But the more time we spend together, it’s becoming impossible to imagine that moment.

And when we discover our no strings arrangement will leave us entangled for the rest of our lives, I’m determined to prove to Sophie that I can be a forever kind of guy.

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I recall the warm, tingling sensation of that second tequila shot going down my throat, making me just tipsy enough to accept her dare.

She had pointed to a guy sitting on one of the VIP couches. Before I could overthink it, I walked over to him, disregarding the conversation he appeared to be in with two other men, leaned down and whispered in his ear.

I want to lick your balls.

From across the room, I had seen the way he styled his dark brown hair, a little messy, but effortlessly sexy. I had been hypnotized by his strong jaw, the dark stubble covering it and the sharpness of his nose. The way he tapped his fingers on the arm of the sofa, a slow, deliberate rhythm, made him seem content with the conversation, yet also bored. The enticing way he absently tugged on his lower lip with a single finger while his quiet attention was focused on one of the men speaking, had made me wonder how skilled those fingers might be.

But when I pulled back, I was caught off guard by the intensity in his indigo eyes. I knew he was attractive, but being that close to him, feeling the heat radiate off his skin, catching the luxurious, masculine scent of him, was a whole different experience.

His full lips twitched as he watched me retreat.

Then, I returned to the dance floor and continued dancing like I hadn’t just told a stranger I wanted to put my mouth on his testicles. Coco couldn’t stop laughing.

Moments later, my attention returned to him and when he raised his glass to take a drink, his eyes met mine over the rim. I’ve been stared at by guys plenty, but finding him watching me didn’t feel creepy or unwanted. It was hot. I wanted him to see me dance. I wanted him to see me inch my already short skirt up my thighs and run my hands through my hair as I moved to the beat of the music.

It was an instant attraction that I couldn’t deny. With one look from that man, my panties were soaked. I wanted him badly. And while normally I wouldn’t have given in to the attraction, I would have grabbed Coco’s hand and left the club, all while giggling about how funny her dare was, that night was different.

He could have been a local, or in town for business, but I didn’t want to know. I wanted to have fun and not bother with names or small talk, but when his associates left and he approached me on the dance floor, Hunter, as he introduced himself, insisted we know each other’s names. So you know what name to scream when you come on my cock later, he had whispered against my ear.

And I did scream his name. It filled his hotel room an hour later when he pinned my arms above my head and drove into me hard. The hold he had on me was borderline painful, but I liked the way it felt to be held down by him. To wrap my legs around his hips and squeeze him tighter to me. I was right about him being older. His body was toned and filled out in ways that no guy my age I’d slept with had been. His cock was long and thick, and when he buried it deep inside me, I thought it was going to split me down the middle.

My thighs squeeze together now just thinking about it.

When I woke up in his hotel room, tangled in the sheets and alone, I shouldn’t have been surprised. It was what I had expected from our time together. Yet, the room was so still and empty, if the soreness between my thighs hadn’t reminded me of our night together, I would have thought it didn’t happen.

My phone buzzes again.

Coco: Just wanted to remind you that you’re a badass bitch and you’re going to kill it today.

Me: Thank you!

Coco: Let me know how it goes. Love you! BYEEEE!

Me: *kiss face emoji*

 After I tuck my phone in my purse, my mind continues to linger on Hunter.

Sex with him was incredible.

But then again, I also don’t have much to compare him to. I’ve only slept with two guys, so between the tequila and my lack of experience, it might not have been that great.

It was really hot, though.

Ugh, I shouldn’t give this guy any more thought. Not only because there’s absolutely no point in daydreaming about a guy I will never see again, but because he turned out to be an asshole. Even though he was an older, more sophisticated, with a body chiseled to perfection by the gods kind of asshole.

It wasn’t that I was expecting him to be there when I woke up. I didn’t have a breakfast in bed, cuddle session, morning after scenario I wanted to fulfill. What can you really expect from a guy that you met at a club in Vegas? I wasn’t picking out our kids’names or anything. It was my idea in the first place to not exchange information, so it was fine that he wasn’t there.

No, everything was perfect about that night until I found the cash he left on the bedside table.

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