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Review: Reckless by Elsie Silver

Theo Silva. Rowdy bull rider. Notorious ladies’ man. Scorching hot trouble wrapped up in a drool-worthy package.

And he’s looking at me like I might be his next meal.

But I’m almost free of my toxic marriage and have sworn off men entirely. So all I see when I look back is temptation served up with a heaping side of heartbreak.

The man is hard to trust—and even harder to resist.

Make that impossible. Because Theo is persistent. And no matter how hard I try to freeze him out, he melts my icy exterior and pulls apart all my defenses.

Over a drink in a small town bar, I blurt out my deepest, darkest secrets. Then I spend the singular hottest night of my life with him.

He worships my body. He makes me blush. I come alive beneath his hands.

Then I tell him to forget it ever happened. I want simple, and with him it all feels complicated.

It was supposed to be a one-time thing.

A secret.

But that little plus sign is going to make this secret impossible to keep.

Winter and Theo are my favorite couple of the series, no question. Although I’ve loved them all, these two really stole the show because she has so much baggage and he just wouldn’t give up. Even when she didn’t want him and when she didn’t believe that he could actually want her, he never gave up because he knew they were meant for each other. And on top of all that, this story has an accidental baby which is, in my opinion, a trope that rarely works. Here it was perfect because the author thought of every detail, leaving no plot holes AND made it completely realistic, not rushed or insta-lovey at all. It’s truly a masterpiece.

I loved the characters so very much. Winter is one of the most relatable h’s I’ve ever seen because she’s strong, independent and confident in every aspect of her life even though in private, she’s a mess. Everyone has been there at some point in their life and whether you were just there for a few terrifying moments or stuck there suffering for years, we all know that fear and that frustration. She’s never had anyone in her corner, never had a cheerleader or any kind of support system and she’d love to have that comfort, especially when she’s going through an unplanned pregnancy alone and the baby’s father declines to talk to her.

Theo has his own insecurities but he’s able to ignore them for the most part so he can be the man that Winter and Vivi need. He’s sweet, sexy, funny and indulges her in every possible way. The man is perfect, there’s not a single flaw. Theo Silva has raised the bar for book boyfriends everywhere. These two are like fire and ice when they meet but it doesn’t take long for them to put aside their differences for one night. They had no idea of the consequences of that decision until much later, but they both handle it well. My heart broke for Winter so many times as we watched her heart shatter over and over, but Theo was there to put it all back together for her and I loved every minute of it. This is a book I’ll definitely read again eventually, because it’s just that good.

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