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Audio Review: Rock Hard Gargoyle by Maggie Mayhem

Stuck between a rock-hard Gargoyle and a hard place.

After a break-in at my apartment, I get my very own security detail. Cool right? Wrong. The big, brooding beast assigned to protect me 24/7 is the very same cocky guard who caught me crashing a dragon’s wedding!

Grayson, the owner of Redrock Protective Services, is massive, powerful, and totally intimidating. Arrogant, too. Did I mention his slow, sultry smile or the wickedly possessive glint in his steel-gray eyes? Something inhuman flickers there, and I realize, too late, that I’ve caught the attention of a monster.

He vows to protect me from danger. His solution? Steal me away to his gorgeous penthouse high above the city. I should run before I do something stupid, like fall for the growly gargoyle. But I can’t. Evil lurks in the shadows waiting for me.

Now, the only thing that will save me is my very own possessive monster.

Rock Hard Gargoyle is a paranormal romance with hunky gargoyles, suave demons, and evil wizards. Sweet & steamy, with a side of sneaky tail. HEA guaranteed.

A huge ‘thank you’ to the author and 1852 Media for the audiobook. Listening to books is hit or miss for me, so I wasn’t sure what to expect but this story was perfect. There was a bit of everything: heat, suspense, magic and humor. The characters drew me in right away and I love this world. The wall between humans and the others recently dropped, exposing monsters and magic to people for the first time. Needless to say, it’s made life a lot more interesting. Take Shelby for example. She’s a very talented seamstress and when the story begins, we find her rushing to a dragon’s wedding to deliver a bespoke and bedazzled fire-resistant cape commissioned by the bride.

She’s immediately blocked by the gargoyle security team and she doesn’t appreciate the attitude at all. Grayson wasn’t trying to antagonize the pretty woman, but he’s got a job to do, a very important job. This is the wedding of the century and the couple has worked tirelessly to keep out the press. Sleazy reporters have tried every trick in the book, so he wasn’t buying Shelby’s attempts to deliver a package. Once he realizes his error, he sets out to make it up to her and to his delight, it seems to be working. But then duty calls and although she promised to wait for him to return, she vanishes once he steps away, to his disappointment.

Grayson knows where her shop is and he’s trying to find a way to drop by without seeming too stalker-ish, but it’s not easy. Every excuse he conjures sounds worse than the last, but when he learns Shelby’s in danger, the only thing that matters is keeping her safe. She’s not sure what to make of the sweet, possessive oaf at first, but quickly gets attached. I can’t say much about the storyline without being a spoiler so I’ll just say that I loved the suspense and the action. The actors did a fantastic job bringing this story to life and I loved every minute of it.

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