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Review: How To Honeymoon Alone by Olivia Hayle

A paradise island. Two strangers. The attraction they never saw coming…

When Eden dumped her cheating ex before the wedding, the last thing she expected was to go on their tropical honeymoon alone. But with no refunds possible, she packs her budget guidebook and broken heart, and sets off.

She plans to relax on the beach, swim in the ocean, and drink cocktails until she feels like herself again… or falls over. Whichever comes first. What she’s not expecting is the brusque, handsome stranger who sits down at her table on the first night.

Philip Meyer is a grumpy workaholic, and so irritatingly cynical that it makes her forget she’s grieving just to prove him wrong about the world. The two have nothing in common… except trying to forget who they’ve left behind.

The luxury resort isn’t too big, and fate soon pushes them together again. And again. Catamaran cruises and midnight swims give way to late night room service and whispered nothings. Maybe opposites really do attract. But every vacation has to end, even the very best ones… Can these two opposites make it last?

This is a low-angst holiday romance that really delivers on the vacation vibes. Eden and Phillip both broke off their engagements prior to the wedding and they’re both currently enjoying their non-refundable honeymoon solo. She gets the last open table in the busy resort restaurant, he invites himself to share it and soon they’re phony newlyweds, scoffing at all the real lovebirds.

Philip is a corporate lawyer specializing in mergers and acquisitions. He works too much and never relaxes, even on his honeymoon. But that starts to change after he meets the clumsy woman with the color-coded, indexed tourist guide and all the trivia she has to share. Eden is a kindergarten teacher and struggling author trying to reinvent herself on vacation. Her fiancé was the only serious relationship she’d ever had so his betrayal cut deep, but it was even worse since he was cheating with one of her best friends.

They both resent being surrounded by lovers but find everything about the trip more tolerable together. The two become fast friends, exploring the island and enjoying the beach together, but it’s not long they both want more. Her life is in Washington and his is in Chicago so it’s not like they can be together. Besides, they’ve only known one another for two weeks, so the feelings they have seem crazy. Or is it? I really liked Eden and Philip. The characters are relatable and real, their story is sweet and funny and I really enjoyed everything about it. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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