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Review: Call It Home by ME Montgomery

Falling in love wasn’t part of the blueprint.

Cameron Allen is a designer with a passion for creating beautiful homes. When she inherits her granddaddy’s construction business, she swaps her stilettos for steel-toed boots.

Determined to prove that she has what it takes to succeed in the construction industry, she secretly applies to compete on a popular nationally televised renovation show.

The catch?
She also signed up her employee, Mac, without his knowledge. Now she has to convince the tall, sexy thorn in her side to be her partner.

Mac Caldwell thinks Cam’s construction hat isn’t the only thing hard about her—she’s the most obstinate woman he’s ever had to deal with. She’s also the sexiest.

He hates being in the spotlight, but when Cam presents an opportunity to earn much needed money, he finds himself spending weeks in front of a camera, working side by side with her.
As the competition heats up, so do things between them, especially after they’re forced to share the same living and sleeping space.

Returning home, can they continue to find happiness together, or will their hard hats turn to heartbreaks?

The premise of this story is fun and different, so it really drew me. Cam is running her grandfather’s construction business and they need more work. She signs up for a reality reno show to put Sterling Construction out there and draw attention to her company. The only problem is that she needs a partner and there’s only one person on the crew who will do: Mac. He’d never agree to go, which is why she doesn’t ask him or even mention that she signed them up for the show until they’re chosen to compete. Mac is less than thrilled since he’s dealing with a lot of complicated family stuff and tends to keep to himself. It’s just easier that way, since his past will change people’s opinions of him. The last thing he wants to do is be on a reality TV show, but he begrudgingly agrees because his share of the cash prize would make life a lot easier.

Soon they’re alone together in Colorado and the physical attraction they’ve easily ignored until now boils over in such close quarters. They’re both surprised to realize it’s not just physical and they genuinely like one another. By day they’re working to win the contest so they’re all business, but by night they’re hungry for one another. They’re having a great time, until life gets in the way. They both have opportunities and obligations to balance, but his and hers are too drastically different to make this work. Or are they?

This is a fun read with a varied cast of characters in quirky small town and I really enjoyed it. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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