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ARC Review: Unexpectedly Mine by Erin Hawkins


Since the man I thought I would be walking down the aisle with broke up with me, I’ve been focused on my business.

As the designer of Emma Belle Bridal Gowns, headlining the Blushing Bride Convention in Las Vegas has been the highlight of my year. And the legendary editor of The Dress magazine wants to feature me in their upcoming issue? A dream come true.

And it’s my birthday! Nothing can get me down…except maybe my ex’s engagement splashed across social media. What’s a girl to do other than drink a truck load of champagne and see a male revue show?

When a dancer pulls me up on stage, the chemistry between us is undeniable. Forget holy matrimony, I’m going to lower my expectations for one night. One night that just may last forever.


One last night… After twelve years raising my baby sister, Sophie, and dancing for Las Vegas’s top male revue in order to pay bills and ensure she graduates college, I’m ready to hang up my tearaway pants and start a new life.

My intentions were to protect Emma, a captivating and tipsy woman at the show, from doing something she regrets. With chemistry neither of us can deny, the night takes an unexpected turn and we find ourselves waking up married. It happens. We’ll correct our mistakes and move on.

But with a viral wedding video, our nuptials end up on Page Six, and Emma needs me in New York to play the part of doting new husband for a career-boosting interview. I’ll play the part, do what she asks, then we’ll part ways. Emma’s smart, enchanting and beautiful…and completely unexpected.

But right now, I have nothing to offer a woman like her, let alone forever.

I’m a sucker for an accidental marriage so I was excited for Emma and Griffin’s story and it did not disappoint. Acclaimed wedding dress designer Emma was expecting a proposal from her longtime boyfriend when he dumped her instead. It’s only been two months so she’s still getting over the shock. As the featured designer in a big show, this should be the best day of her life but it all goes sideways when she learns her ex is already engaged to someone new.

The show was a huge success and it’s her birthday, so Emma’s friends take her out to celebrate. They only have a couple of days in Vegas before they return to New York and they want to celebrate her success. A bit too much champagne and the hottest guy in the male revue make for more excitement than Emma expected when she wakes up married to a stranger. They agree to quietly annul the marriage and pretend this never happened but word’s already gotten out – thanks to Emma’s tipsy post-wedding social media video, so now they’ve got to do some quick damage control to save her reputation.

I loved these characters from the beginning and Emma’s story pulled me in from the first page. Griffin almost seemed too good to be true at first, but he was exactly what she needed. Turns out, they’re made for each other, even if they didn’t know it at first. But there’s no way this can work when her design business is in NYC and he’s committed to working in Vegas. Besides, she’s determined to make her own way and never be stuck playing second fiddle to a man’s career again. Griffin has waited years to have the life he’s always wanted and nothing is going to get in the way of his career now. For both their sakes, this marriage can’t be real. Or can it? This story is absolutely charming. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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