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Review: Doctor Sinful by EM Shue


The perfect little sub has been submitting to me for the last few weeks. Her curvy body and eyes pull me in every time I see them through her mask. When I’m not with her, I dream of the things we’ve done, the things I want to do to her the next time we’re together.

She calls herself Syn. I don’t know her real name. We never discuss our lives outside the club. I’ve asked her to coffee, dinner, or just a number to call, but she declines each request. I want to know where she goes when she leaves me. Does she go home to a partner or to a full house and a lonely bed like I do?

Being a single father of three active boys and a full-time paramedic keeps me busy. I only have one night a week free for the Satin Room to spend time with my perfect distraction, Syn.

Then one day we bump into each other in the real world, and I realize she’s been under my nose for weeks. I just needed to open my eyes. Now I’m ready to go for it. But is she ready for me?

The doctor has been paged to the ER where the paramedics have brought you in. Get ready to check out the halls and staff of Eastport General. Award-winning author E.M. Shue is back with another sexy doctor and hot paramedic in season two of Doctors of Eastport General.

Emersyn is new in town and this tough surgeon/single mom likes to unwind at the local BDSM club. She meets Trevor there and their chemistry is explosive but when they meet outside the club, the wrong kind of sparks fly at first. She moved her son here to escape her ex and his problems so Syn isn’t ready to trust anyone. But Trevor really breaks down her walls and she can’t resist him or his adorable boys.

This is a quick read full of heat, with a lot of heart and enough suspense to keep the pages turning. The characters pulled me in from the first page. I received an ARC from Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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