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Review: The Marriage Auction by Audrey Carlan

What would you do for three million dollars?

Four young women enter into a clandestine auction to be married to the highest bidders. For no less than a million dollars a year, for three years, each woman will do what it takes to secure her future. Entangled in a high-stakes game of money, lust, power, and the hope for absolution, this group of women becomes a sisterhood unlike any other.

Once chosen by a man she’s never met and agrees to marry sight unseen…there is no going back. Hidden secrets, wicked desires, fiery couplings and intense family drama are all part of the deal when you willingly enter into The Marriage Auction.

You may now kiss the bride…

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the ensemble cast and serial format, but this series is nothing short of amazing. I was hooked from the first pages by the fascinating characters and their unique circumstances. They’re promised three million dollars to marry a stranger for three years but they have no idea what to expect. We get multiple POVs for every storyline, sometimes from the women, sometimes from the buyer and occasionally others. The women on the auction block are Dakota and Savannah, a couple of Montana cowgirls trying to save a family legacy. Faith is fleeing an abusive ex who will stop at nothing to possess her and can never know her darkest secret. Ruby has spent her young life sacrificing to protect her baby sister, but the funds from the auction will set them up for life.

The buyers are an eclectic bunch: a cowboy, a Viking, a mafia don and the wealthy British twins who choose to compete for the hand of their chosen woman. These are love stories with some angry, vengeful exes to add suspense, but they all generate lots of heat. I love everything about this series and can’t get enough of it. I received an ARC of The Marriage Auction Season 1, Volume 1 from Get Red PR in exchange for an honest review.

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