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Review: Provoke by Ava Harrison

The first time I met Charles Cavendish, I accidentally locked myself in a closet with him.

The second time, he became my new boss.

My very grumpy new boss.

No matter how I much I try, I can’t forget what his lips feel like.

The way his arms wrap around me.

I need to keep my distance.

But when the company lands a new account, I’m forced to work side by side with this man.

The handsome devil who makes me forget all rational thought.

But the thing about the devil is . . . he can lure even the greatest of saints.

Raven has a moment with a stranger at a club and it throws her. She has conflicting feelings about it, wondering how she could’ve let that happen but also wishing she’d let it continue longer. It was a strange night for sure. Soon after, she discovers the handsome stranger from the club is her new boss, a British billionaire and recent transplant to New York. Charles lets the world believe he’s crossed the ocean to expand his family’s empire, but he also needed to distance himself from heartbreak.  

It was fun watching these two fight their attraction to one another and the dynamics between them are delicious. Raven is rays of sunshine while Charles is a brooding grump; He’s older, wealthy and holds all the power in the office but Raven’s not at all intimidated by him or the situation. She always holds her own, never backing down from a challenge and throwing out a few of her own. Boss-employee can be hit or miss for me so I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy this when I picked it up, but I liked the characters and really enjoyed their story so I’m glad I gave it a chance.

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