First Line Friday: But First, Whiskey by Erin McCarthy

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My book is But First, Whiskey by Erin McCarthy.

Why I suck at picking up women to date, a short story.

I have three brothers. No sisters. And I played football from the age of five to twenty-three, including one season pro. The end. That’s the whole story.

None of those fuckers knew any more than I did about women and I spent all my time with them, so when I got to high school and beyond, I just went for it with women who came to me. That way I didn’t have to know what the hell I was doing. Easy, right? The path of least resistance.


About But First, Whiskey: This story made my best of the year list before I’d even gotten to the end. The characters are witty and real and their story has the perfect balance of humor, heat and angst. Faith and Mac’s story started long ago, but we meet them seeing one another for the first time in quite a while in the short story At First Glance, from the Ten First Dates anthology. I couldn’t wait to see what came next with these two and had to grab their book as soon as it was available.


Faith Young is trouble with a capital “T.”

I thought she was drowning. She wasn’t. But I jumped into the pond and saved her and somehow after that it was all wet clothes coming off and a hot and sexy night under the stars.

Until I realize she is my best friend’s little sister.

Bro code accidentally broken in the worst possible way.

There is no way I can let Cash know I hooked up with Faith, so when he asks for my help in securing her an entry level job at my whiskey distillery, I go one step further. I offer her a great position in the company— one that she can’t refuse— in return for her sworn silence about our night together.

Some might call it blackmail. I call it mutually beneficial.

Only now she’s everywhere I turn. At the office, at social events for our whiskey label, out downtown, at her brother’s. I can’t get away from her or her very tempting mouth with that sassy smile.

She calls me a grumpy boss. I call myself a man on the verge of doing something very, very stupid. Like easing her down on my desk for a repeat of our night together.

Now the only one who is drowning is me…

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