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Review: The Perfect Wrong by Nicole Snow

Everything that could go wrong did.
The evil smile on my bestie’s face should’ve screamed bad idea. But I took her “easy” bet:
Find a man before summer ends. Renounce my V-card. Enjoy life.
I thought I was entitled to the same sweet ritual every girl deserves—until a force of nature blew in.

His name is Chris Triton.
Tattooed god. Moody ex SEAL. Zero filter. Born to drive me bonkers.
We barely spoke for ten minutes before he kissed my soul out.
Too fast. Too intense. Too flipping good.

Then I found out we’d be sharing the same roof the very next day.
Dad marrying his mom squashed our little chemistry experiment instantly.
You know, the normal reaction. But Chris doesn’t do normal.
Or predictable.
Or sane.

Still, I’m sure he’s playing some twisted game when he keeps teasing the unthinkable.
I think he won’t scorch my heart black until the Vegas trip—another hilariously bad idea.
It’s just us and a tension so thick you can chew it.
Just an unexpected hero charging to my rescue.
Just one freaking bed.
What the hell do you do when the perfect wrong feels undeniably right?

Delia bets her best friend that she’ll punch her v-card before college graduation and soon after, fate drops the perfect man into her life. Chris Triton is the hottest thing she’s ever seen and he just gets better as the night goes on. Between his filthy mouth and magic hands, Delia thinks she may have died and gone to heaven. But when reality sets in, things are bad. That hot night on the beach can never be more than a memory because Chris is now her stepbrother. Delia’s uptight father and Chris’s nightmare of a mother would never accept a relationship between them. Besides, it was just supposed to be a hot fling but those hopes are dashed since he’s going to be a fixture in her life. She vows to keep him at arms’ length so he can’t work his magic on her again.

Chris likes to keep things simple and avoid complications. And Cordelia has complication written all over her. It doesn’t matter that he’s never wanted anyone like this, he has to stay away from her. Except he can’t. The man can withstand torture after being captured by the enemy, but he can’t keep himself away from Delia, no matter how hard he tries. Their story is steamy, like five-alarm fire hot so these two bring the spice. Her wicked stepmother and his dangerous job make for a lot of trouble, but nothing can keep them apart.

I really enjoyed the characters. Delia is a little naïve but she’s tough and Chris might be one of my favorite characters ever. This story pulled me in right away and I loved everything about it. This book is too good to only read once. I received an ARC from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.  

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