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Review: Love Me by Ashley Rostek

Colt is my comfort.

He’s the first one to hold my hand when life becomes hard.

Creed is my support.

He always has my back, is always ready to help me battle the world or my insecurities.

Keelan is my joy.

He effortlessly makes me laugh and exudes a light even when days become dark.

Knox is my strength.

He holds me together even when I want to break.

Each of my guys is a great man and each fills a missing piece of my broken soul.

I’m falling in love with them. Maybe I already have. The question is, do they love me back?

I’d cherish every moment if they did. It’s what you do when you hear a clock constantly tick in the back of your head. I know it’s my gut warning me that

I’m on borrowed time. Something bad is going to happen.

And my gut has never been wrong.

The first book was about Shiloh and her life, with all it’s hurdles. The second book was more focused on her relationship with the Stone brothers. This one is a perfect balance of the previous two and gave me exactly what I wanted. The cliffhanger is resolved immediately, so that was a relief, but this book will make your heart race with all the suspense. Shiloh’s life is getting hectic and she’s feeling off kilter. Her gut is telling her that something is wrong, but she doesn’t want to overreact. The school bullies, the corrupt sheriff and creepy Jacob are constant threats, so she rationalizes the feeling away.

Logan is still trying to get her to relocate, but even Ian agrees it’s not necessary. She worries that Mr. X will find her and take out the guys to get to her, but they already have plans. Whether they need to fight or run, they’re not going to back down from Mr. X or anyone else. While fraught with scares, there are lots of sweet moments, too. We get insight into her relationships with each of the guys individually, but the group dynamic is always at play. And while I don’t want to spoil any twists, I think it’s safe to say that Knox finally – FINALLY – gets with the program, albeit in his own stubborn way.

The wait for this book was torturous and I fear the wait for the conclusion will be even worse. This cliffhanger is the most brutal of all and left me literally yelling at a book, which I swear is not a thing for me. Most of the time. This is a series I will re-read before the next release. There are so many little things that didn’t seem important but look different in hindsight. I want to experience it again with that knowledge. I absolutely love these characters and this series and always want more. Everything about it is perfect: the writing, the action, the pacing. I would give these books ten stars out of five if I could. It’s nearly impossible to give a decent review without spoiling the story but I think my enthusiasm speaks volumes.

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