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Review: Wrong by Stella Rhys

Rock-hard abs. Cocky smile. Sculpted hipbones that scream filthy sex. Liam Cage is walking torture for any girl in New York, but especially me. My mother is married to his father and on top of that, I’m living under his roof. I’m following his rules. I’m nothing but his perfect angel and so I can’t want him. I can’t tempt him.

I can’t bait him into touching my half-naked body while I lay “asleep” on his couch.

… About that.

It was every kind of wrong but I couldn’t help myself. I stripped down for Liam. Tortured him. Forced him take out years of pent-up lust on my body in one sticky, sweaty shot. Long story short, I made the hottest mistake of my life, and I know there’ll be consequences, especially with a past like mine. But now that I’ve opened up Pandora’s box, there’s no going back. Basically, I’m screwed.

But when it’s with a man as painfully sexy as Liam, screwed has kind of never felt so good.

I just read – and loved – Ex Games by this author so when I read the blurb for this book, I jumped on it. Forbidden romance with hot stepbrother? Sign me up. And boy am I glad I grabbed this. Sasha and Liam are hot with a capital H. Their forbidden attraction has been building for years as they both fight it. His iron will has succeeded thus far, but Sasha is tired of pretending. Liam’s the only person who’s ever taken care of her. He’s everything she’s ever wanted and she’s done hiding her feelings. This story opens with a bang and the momentum never slows.

I loved Sasha from the beginning but the more we learn of her life, the more I liked her. Her family is worse than garbage, especially her sister who professes to care about Sasha but yet does nothing except manipulate her. Liam is the only one who can get through to her when it comes to dealing with her toxic family. He hopes to give her the support she needs to finally walk away but she’s afraid. I loved everything about their story and couldn’t get enough of these two. I didn’t want to put this book down and am quickly making my way through the author’s entire backlist.

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