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Review: My Best Friend’s Ex by Hazel Kelly

Watching Logan love my best friend all those years was torture.

But I had no choice.

Falling for your foster brother isn’t just frowned upon. It’s forbidden.

So I hid my feelings for everyone’s sake.

But ever since he and Piper split up, I can’t stop wondering what would happen if he knew my secret. Not that I have any reason to believe he wants me back.

…Except for those rare moments when he looks at me like he knows.

Like he knows I’ve never seen him as a brother.

Like he knows I’d wilt in his strong arms if he ever got too close.

And now that we’re going to the same college, far from our parents and the woman who always came between us, I’m terrified.

Because he’s promised to stay close and keep me safe.

But the closer he gets, the more dangerous my craving for him feels…

This is one of the sweetest, most adorable stories I’ve ever read. If someone described it that way to me, I’d expect to not like it at all but I truly loved it. Zoey has always wanted Logan but he’s her stepbrother so he’s off-limits. Then he dates her best friend for an extended period of time. Once they break up, he and Zoey find themselves growing closer while away at school and one thing leads to another. These characters are loveable and the tension between them is crazy so you can’t help but root for them. I loved watching them find their way to each other and navigate the complications. This is a must-read for anyone who loves romance.

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