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Review: Wicked Empire by Tracy Lorraine

The empire is crumbling…

She didn’t believe me. Even now she doesn’t want to.

But as sirens ring out in the distance and she stares into my eyes— there is no denying it.

No denying her. Or the truth.

The threat is closer than we ever imagined and uncovering that truth is more deadly than the lies she grew up believing.

We’re at our breaking point, but I’m not going down without a fight. And I’m sure as hell not going to lose her. Not after everything we’ve endured.

Stella Doukas might have started out as her father’s little princess.

But I’m going to make her my queen.

This was the perfect ending to Stella and Seb’s saga. All questions have been answered but the truth is wilder than they ever imagined and nothing comes easily for them, although Stella gets to showcase her badass skills to the world. I love how things came together for them. This story is heavy on suspense but it’s worth every breathless moment. These two are sweet yet steamy while managing to kick ass and take names. They may be the greatest power couple I’ve ever read, but I have a feeling Theo and Emmie will give them a run for their money. Their story is up next, then Toby’s, finally.

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