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Review: Wicked Knight by Tracy Lorraine

The truth is meant to set you free… but not my truth.

Mine has sent me deeper and darker, feeding my need for revenge. I want blood for those who wronged me and my family. And my so-called truth is ripping me apart, in a way lies never could.

Everyone else has moved on, but I can’t. Not until someone pays.

And it seems that fate is on my side this time, because the hellion girl from the graveyard is going to be my saving grace… and provide me with everything I crave.

The pain.

The vengeance.

The blood.

She has no idea what she’s been dragged into, but she’s going to regret every step she’s taken to get here.

Stella Doukas isn’t like any other girl I’ve encountered before.

She’s fierce, determined, and much stronger than I anticipated.

I might have met my match.

And that is not a good thing…

Stella is my new girl crush. She was great in the prequel but she truly shines here. The more I learned about her, the more I loved her. She’s absolutely badass and unlike any heroine you’ve ever seen. Stella handles weapons, knows various martial arts and moves quick as lightning, usually catching opponents off-guard. Seb and Stella have an instant attraction as strangers, but once he knows her identity, they instantly become mortal enemies.

Their story is full of action and heat. This is dark bully romance at it’s finest but as a trilogy, it ends on an enormous cliffhanger. Lucky for me, all three books of Stella and Seb’s trilogy are already available so I could just keep going. This is high school drama plus mafia life and a ton of heat. This is a must-read.

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