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Review: My Best Friend’s Mardi Gras Wedding by Erin Nicholas

Can he play her crazy-about-her boyfriend for a few days? Probably too well.

Josh Landry is one of the hottest bartenders in New Orleans. He’s shown many a female tourist that things are definitely big and easy down here.

And he’s now been celibate for a year.

Because he finally met her. Yes, her. The One.

But, after nothing more than a hot goodnight kiss and a promise to meet up again next year if they’re both still interested, she went home to Iowa.

It’s been a long year.

But now it’s Mardi Gras again and he’s ready for his happily ever after. If she shows up.

Oh, she shows up. For her best friend’s wedding.

But Tori is a terrible bridesmaid because all she can think about is her knight-in-shining-Mardi-Gras-beads from last year.

Well, and because she accidentally lays a hot kiss on her BFF. Aka, the groom.

Unfortunately, no one believes that it was a case of mistaken identity. So, now she has to convince everyone she has no intention of ruining the wedding. She’s going to need a crazy-about-her boyfriend ASAP. Even if he’s just faking it.

Well there’s only one other person she knows in Louisiana…

Josh is all in. In fact, he’s thrilled. And he’s not faking anything.

But the groom isn’t faking his sudden case of cold feet either.

And now Tori might have a choice to make.

Tori met a hot bartender last year at Mardi Gras and she couldn’t wait to see him again but she can’t find Josh in the crowd. When she finally thinks she found him, she realizes she’s kissing Andrew, the groom, instead. His jealous fiancée and Andrew’s willingness to kiss Tori despite knowing exactly who she is causes a lot of problems. She just wants to be there to support her BFF on his big day but that’s going to be pretty tough to do now that everyone thinks she’s in love with Andrew.

Luckily, she finds Josh and he’s more than willing to be her date to all the wedding events, plus he’s eager to show how much he likes her. Anyone who has ever had a friend with a jealous SO can feel Tori’s pain here. These characters are instantly likeable and there’s a lot of great humor here. Josh is the perfect man for Tori and they’re great together. This story lost a star for Tori losing her backbone about halfway through the book because I never want to read a weak heroine, but she found it again so I can live with that.

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