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Review: Trapped With The Covert Ops Soldier by Julie Rowe

Dr. Abigail Westward is home after military duty in Asia and the Middle East. She’s taken up an unusual hobby: tossing lit dynamite sticks into the waters of Lost Lake, Montana. Spencer “Smitty” Smith, a fellow soldier and friend may be the only man who might be able to find out why Abby has taken up her new explosive pastime.

Smitty loves Abby, has from damn near the moment he met her. He’s stayed at arm’s length because getting involved with anyone while on a combat mission is just plain stupid. But combat is over and he’s waited long enough.

Smitty’s been hired by the town of Bandit Creek to ride herd on her, and Abby is resistant to the idea until someone attempts to shoot her in the middle of town. Now she and Smitty have to figure out who wants to kill her and why before he’ll go. He must go. He’s her only weakness and the one man who knows her terrible secret.

She’s a doctor who’s guilty of murder.

This book was previously published under the title Playing Doctor. It has been extensively revised and lengthened.

Abby is a doctor just returning from a warzone. She’s been through a lot so life isn’t business as usual, but she’s found a way to relax: throwing sticks of dynamite into the lake near her home. When Smitty shows up to curtail her fun, she’s not thrilled to have a babysitter but she’s glad it’s him, even if the kiss they shared left her head spinning.

Life was scary and unpredictable in a war zone but now she’s facing a threat at home with no idea who would want to hurt her or why. Smitty’s special ops background makes him more than capable of protecting her but Abby’s stubborn and determined to protect herself.

I loved the suspense and the explanation of the mystery because it wasn’t at all what I had suspected. Abby’s tough and doesn’t want to be taken care of by anyone, but Smitty’s determined to protect her at any cost. This is short, sweet and fun with a good balance of tension and occasional humor. This author is new to me but I can’t wait to read more. I really enjoyed the characters and the way their story unfolded. I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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