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Review: Tramp by Mary Elizabeth

Lydia Montgomery is a Tramp.

After fleeing a tragic past, Lydia’s determined never to go back to the life she left behind at any price. She lands in Grand Haven, California—a city booming with billion-dollar corporations and tech money—and everything changes. Armed with the only lesson she learned from her mother, Lydia builds a life of routine, solitude, and success.

Nothing is out of reach when you’re beautiful.

Nearly a decade after her arrival, Lydia’s the highest paid escort in the city, and only the most influential people in Grand Haven can get near her. She’s a goddess among her clients, and out of reach to everyone else. Lydia’s created the perfect illusion, and no one will take it from her again. Until a misunderstanding lands her in the office of the city’s most eligible bachelor.

Talent Ridge is Grand Haven royalty. Despite running in the same circles as Lydia’s clients, he’s scandal-free and on his way to being the most powerful man in the area. Their chemistry is undeniable, but a relationship has the potential to destroy everything they’ve worked for. Especially when Lydia is running from her past, and Talent is running toward a future she can never be a part of.

Beauty and money can’t save them this time.

Are Lydia and Talent willing to give it all up for each other, or will their differences cost too much?

Lydia Montgomery is one badass, awesome h. I love everything about her. She had a terrible childhood with her junkie mother and was on her own as a young teen. Life was hard and scary until she met a woman who picked her off the streets and groomed her into the most prized high-price escort in the whole city. Lydia works under an alias and keeps her personal life completely separate from her work, until she meets Talent Ridge. On paper, they’re opposites in every way but in reality they’re everything together. Their introduction was a set-up to smear Talent’s golden reputation but he’s got a secret to hide and it’s not his tryst with Lydia.

I wanted a more suspense from the subplot because it never felt dangerous and nothing about it surprised me, but I loved the characters so much that it didn’t keep me from enjoying the book. Talent’s lack of jealousy kind of irritated me because yeah it’s her job and I don’t want him to be a brute but his lack of possessiveness almost bordered lack of real interest. He does care about her but I wanted to see it more plainly early on.

The characters have a nice depth and Lydia’s life story was riveting. This was my first book by the author but certainly won’t be the last because I’m already continuing the series and hope for more Lydia in the other books. I received a copy from the author via Grey’s promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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