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Review: Playing Along by Cassie-Ann L. Miller

Cassie-Ann Miller New Release Paying Along
Playing Along by Cassie-Ann L. Miller
Playboys of Sin Valley book 3

When I came back to Sin Valley, the mission was simple—avoid the ex-girlfriend who broke my heart. At all costs. Too bad I just (accidentally) moved in next door to her. And her battery-operated boyfriend(s). Plural.


No matter how hard I try to steer clear of Desiree Grant, fate keeps tossing us together.
And, so far? It’s not going too well for me.

When our eyes lock across the crowded bar, I get all tongue-tied and make a damn fool of myself.
Next, we end up trapped in an elevator alone and my protector instincts switch on at the speed of light. Then, a pink, glittery, vibrating package with her name on it shows up in my mailbox and—poof!— there goes my master plan to resist her.

Okay. Change of plans.

Now, I’ve got a new mission in mind—reminding my gorgeous ex-girlfriend that her battery-operated playthings could never compare to me. Y’see, the truth is, I never stopped thinking about her. Never stopped wanting her. Never stopped loving her. But things are different now.

She’s a single mother with a demanding career and a little boy she’s raising on her own.

I’m a former military man, struggling to find my place in the civilian world.

The life I’m trying to build is a threat to the life she’s fighting to protect.

But I’d go to war for a second chance with the girl who was always supposed to be mine. This time, I’m determined to give her the happy-ever-after she deserves.

Now, the only question is, how do I get her to play along?

Pfft…And I thought this would be simple.

This series is a favorite so I’ve been waiting for Wyatt and Desiree’s book because there’s bad blood between them but we don’t know what happened and now we finally get some answers. Be patient because it takes time. This one is a slow burn in every possible way, not just with the sexy stuff. At first, they can’t even talk to one another but they both loosen up in their own ways and made progress. Their friends are jumping through hoops to push the former high-school sweethearts together, especially Liam, who hatched a diabolical but genius plan that puts the story in motion.

Liam’s conniving wouldn’t have finished the job though, they still needed a bigger push. Enter Nathan, Desiree’s adorable four-year-old. He’s primarily responsible for bringing them together because he’s just so outgoing and friendly that Wyatt has to respond, even when the adults aren’t communicating. There’s a lot going on in this story, but it all works and the subplots don’t overshadow the romance, they enhance it. Desiree has some family issues to work out that are affecting her life and she’s in for a few surprises but once everything is out in the open, she sees things in a whole new light.

Wyatt also has to make some changes because they’ve spent the last twelve years blaming each other for their break-up but they both played a part and they’re finally realizing their own roles. This is a steamy, sweet and lol funny story and I loved every minute.  

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