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Review: There’s Always Someday by Harloe Rae

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“Give your heart to a man worthy of the claim.”
That’s been his constant excuse for keeping distance between us.
Little does he know that I’m his for the taking.
If only he’d have me.

Nolan Jasper has been my broody neighbor for almost six years.
I’ve been hopelessly infatuated with him just as long.
The bond I have with his little girl only serves to strengthen that hold.

Since they moved in that stormy night, I’ve been trying to restore what was lost.
I would do just about anything for those two.
Acting as Nolan’s reliable doormat is getting old, though.
Especially when he seems incapable of accepting love.

I’m finally willing to admit that man is a lost cause.
Too broken.

Nolan Jasper has pushed me away for the last time.
If only he realized it before I’m already gone.

Nolan and baby Lou moved in next door to Clea six years ago and she quickly fell in love with both of them. Over the years, she’s become Lou’s best friend and they’ve grown so close, maybe too close. Lou depends on Clea and even tries to call her Mama often, although the adults discourage it. Nolan has some serious emotional baggage from his relationship with Lou’s mom. The things that happened between them rocked him to his core and he’s become increasingly withdrawn.

The bond between Lou and Clea intimidates him because he can’t ever measure up to Clea in his daughter’s eyes, leaving him feeling even more inadequate. Clea thinks her love for him is completely one-sided because he’s gone to great lengths to push her away, but nothing could be further from the truth. Nolan wants her more than he’s ever wanted anything but he doesn’t think he’s worthy, so he’s determined to keep distance between them at any cost, until he realizes the consequences.

When Clea finally has enough of his rejection, she walks away, leaving him to raise his daughter on his own but the loss is too much for him to stand. Nolan begins to pursue her immediately and with everything he’s got. His openness is shocking. She had no idea he felt the same way all this time and just refused to show it. It almost seems too good to be true so it’s hard to believe but he’s unrelenting in his pursuit, so sincere and devoted, this has to be real. She wants to give him another chance but isn’t sure it can work. It’s hard to imagine he’s suddenly come to terms with his past and is ready to move on.

Nolan does a complete about face, from total rejection to declarations of undying love almost instantly and he just ramps it up from there. He wants nothing more than for Clea to be his and he’ll do anything to prove it because he wants his family to be whole. Lou is great for comic relief and she works hard to bring them together because she knew they loved each other before they were willing to admit it. Their story started out sad but the HEA couldn’t be more perfect.

I wish there had been a little more background about how they’d interacted in the past so we could see how close they’d been and how he’d reacted to her interest in the past but despite that, I loved this story and highly recommend it for a sweet, funny, feel-good read.

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