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Review: The New Billionaire Boss by Tina Gabor

New Release from Tina Gabor The New Billionaire Boss

My life was finally on track.
Until my boss’s brother transferred to our office.

From the minute I met the broody, handsome, and infuriating Aiden Bronson, he was destroying all of my carefully made plans.

First, he hijacked my Uber. Then, he caused an accident that left me out of work for months.

Except, the disastrous day we spent together turned into the most fun day of my life.

And now, I can’t stop thinking about him. Or that kiss!

He doesn’t feel the same about me, and even if he did, any future together is hopeless.

He’s not allowed to date employees.
And with no family or safety net, I can’t risk my livelihood.

But when he becomes my new boss, and we get trapped together in a beach house, I don’t know if I can resist risking it all.

THE NEW BILLIONAIRE BOSS is the first romantic comedy of the Bronson Billionaire Romance Series, but it can be read as a complete standalone! Guaranteed to have you swooning and breathless, it includes a fierce and funny heroine and a charming, playboy hero.

Lauren is great at her job and only wants to excel there so she can build her investments. After all, investing is the only way she’ll ever break free of working for someone else. The company she works for treats her well but she keeps turning down promotions because she doesn’t want to get complacent and spend her whole life there. Her plan is going perfectly, until her boss’ brother joins the company.

Aiden Bronson makes her life difficult from the moment she lays eyes on him and it keeps getting worse. In just a few hours, he’s managed to turn her life upside-down and not in a good way. Lauren just wants him to leave her alone before he does any more damage, but Aiden wants to at least try to make it up to her, even if he can’t fix everything. They spend the most wonderful day together but enjoying each other’s company only complicates their lives.

Their attraction is so strong but Aiden can’t bring another scandal to the company by dating an employee again and Lauren can’t afford to lose her job. After all, his family owns the business so it’s not like he’d be the one to get fire for fraternizing. They want to make it work, even if it won’t be easy, but new obstacles keep popping up to drive them apart. Lauren and Aiden’s story is sweet and funny with some angst and a bossy, judgmental brother but I like the way it ended. I really enjoyed these characters and was rooting for them, so I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

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