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Review: Security Risk by Megan Matthews

I loved everything about Tabitha and Ridge’s story. There’s heat, suspense, a little mystery and a lot of laughs. This author is new to me and I’d never heard of the series but I’m so glad that I gave it a shot because I can’t wait to continue it. Tabitha meets Ridge as soon as she arrives in town and can’t help but notice he’s incredibly gorgeous. Luckily for her, hot neighbor guy is equally into her and just falls right in to a casually protective role of taking care of her.

She makes new friends while dodging her shady ex and his henchmen, all while starting a new life across the country and meeting Ridge’s entire family right away. There’s a lot going on here but the pace and flow are perfect so there’s just the right amount of secondary characters and suspense not to overshadow the hot romance. This is a book I can’t recommend enough.

Security Risk by Megan Matthews
Security Risk by Megan Matthews
Pelican Bay Security book 1

When I moved to Pelican Bay to set up a new security company as a fugitive recovery specialist, I didn’t expect to find my next-door neighbor trying to break into her aunt’s house.

I also didn’t expect her to have random henchmen harassing her for diamonds she insists she doesn’t have.

Tabitha Thompson is running from an abusive ex-boyfriend, and I desperately want to help. As a former Navy SEAL, I have the skills necessary to deal with almost any idiot willing to give his girlfriend a black eye. The trouble is my desire to protect her goes way beyond casual. But Tabitha pulls back when I show her I’m interested. Is it just my bad luck with women, or did her ex’s abuse cause her to distrust all men?

Either way, when Tabitha’s lies, drama, and ex-boyfriend catch up with her, it may not be something I can handle on my own. I just hope if things turn violent, we both come out alive.

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