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Review: One Wild Weekend With Carter by Lexi Hart

When Brooke calls a handyman for help around the house, she isn’t prepared for the magnificence that is Carter. He’s so gorgeous it’s distracting and now a blizzard has him snowed in with her. One thing quickly leads to another and their chemistry is explosive, but life is complicated. Brooke has major problems thanks to her sleazy ex and Carter has a secret that could be a dealbreaker, but when Brooke’s life takes a turn for the worse, Carter is there to help.

This is a short, steamy read with fun characters and just enough suspense. Great read.

One Wild Weekend With Carter by Lexi Hart
One Wild Weekend With Carter by Lexi Hart

She wasn’t prepared for him to fix more than her house…

After my ex swindled me, my only chance at salvaging my life is to refurbish the house my aunt left to me.

With zero funds, and a bucketload of debt, my plan is to turn my new home into a romantic bed and breakfast.

When I called my father’s old friend to help with renovations, I didn’t expect a solid wall of muscle with intense green eyes to show up instead.

And now thanks to a blizzard, we’re trapped together.

We made a deal.

He fixes things.

I cook for him.

But he’s looking at me like I’m something he wants to fix.

And he’s burning hotter than the woodstove in my kitchen.

One overheard phone call, one scorching kiss, and I’m in deep trouble.

Carter is everything I need, but he’s too guarded, too secretive, and if I’m not careful, he could wreck the only chance I have to start over again…

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