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Review: His Vow by Lilian Monroe

Zane has dedicated his entire adult life to getting revenge on the man who killed his parents, but his flawless plans didn’t account for one variable: Sadie Blanchet. His feelings for her have never gone away. If anything, they’ve deepened, but how could she love a man who’s life’s mission is to kill her father? When Zane discovers that Sadie is a pawn in her father’s life of corruption, he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe. But the cost of her safety might be his life’s work or even his life.

The suspense never stops and the heat between these two is excellent. This story is wild and I loved every minute.

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Hi Vow
by Lilian Monroe
The Protector series book 1

Published 2019

His Vow by Lilian Monroe

I vowed revenge, and nothing can stop me.  Nothing… except her.

Fifteen years ago, Senator Nathan Blanchet destroyed my life and ripped my family to shreds. Then, I joined the Marine Corps and became a man.  

I served my country,
…and I bided my time.

Now I’m back, and the senator has to pay.

This mission is headed straight for success.  
Nothing can get in my way, until I see the senator’s daughter.

Sadie Blanchet is all grown up.
With those sweet, innocent eyes and never-been-kissed lips, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my vow.

Revenge is sweet… but Sadie is sweeter.  
Before I know it, I have to choose between vengeance…

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