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Review: Nixon’s Promise by Riley Edwards

Riley Edwards is a new author for me but I’ll definitely be reading more. McKenna and Nixon are great characters, very real and I liked them both right away. McKenna is tough and independent, raising two teens on her own since the accident that took her father and stepmother. It’s not easy and it’s a thankless job, but she’s determined to do the best she can for her siblings. Nixon is a little lost, having left the military with no real plan except to head back to the family farm that’s been abandoned since his father’s death.

He’s fixing up the farm and not sure what to do with his life but one thing he knows for sure is that he wants McKenna to be a part of it. Love is the last thing on either one’s mind but they know it when they see and they’re determined to make this work. Nixon just wants to take care of McKenna and her family but when his start-up security firm takes their first case, she ends up being an essential component of their success. It’s not all fun and games though, because the threats are rule and he can’t protect her at all times, no matter how much he wants to.

This story is sweet and steamy and suspenseful and interesting on so many levels, from the complex characters and family drama to the small-town politics, terrorists and corrupt government officials. I loved every minute of this book.

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Nixon’s Promise
by Riley Edwards
Gemini Group book 1

Published 2019

Nixon’s Promise by Riley Edwards

Former Navy SEAL Nixon Swagger is home. After twelve years of service and twice as many deployments, all Nix wanted was quiet. He’d sought the solace of the land he’d grown up on and found the peace he needed to silence the noise and figure out his next move. Nixon’s stay was supposed to be temporary. He wasn’t supposed to meet a feisty, head-strong woman who made his pulse race and set his body on fire. Falling in love hadn’t been part of his plan. Taking a government contract to stop a homegrown terrorist group hadn’t been either, but when the organization threatens to attack Philadelphia, he had no choice but to accept.

McKenna Wilson was living. Every day was the same. Raising her two teenage siblings didn’t leave time for much else. Most days, she was okay with that. Then she bumped into the sexy war hero and, in an instant, her world changed. She had no idea falling for Nixon would be so dangerous. Now she was going head-to-head with the small-town’s dirty sheriff who was hell-bent on ruining Nixon and avenging a fifteen-year-old grudge. She’d lost her heart, but losing her life wasn’t part of the plan.

Nixon Swagger had learned a few things as a Navy SEAL—adapt, improvise, and overcome were among the many. In the middle of an inferno, so ominous even Dante wouldn’t buy a ticket, Nixon must adapt to his new surroundings and overcome multiple threats before he loses the woman he loves.

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