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Review: Starter Wife by Bethany Lopez

This has a fun premise but the story is all narration, no POV from the characters so I just couldn’t connect to them. The circumstances are pretty over-the-top as well: she loses all her friends and family after divorcing her cheating husband of 20 years, which is weird because who everyone cut her out even though he cheated? Seems unlikely. And she didn’t forge a single meaningful relationship with a friend or family member in two decades? Yet she’s so approachable and loveable that she becomes instant BFFs with two strangers half her age and a man more than a decade younger falls head over heels for her at first sight. Plus, she dropped her career to stay at home with the kids more than a decade ago, but when she goes back into the workforce, she instantly gets a fantastic job and a promotion before she even starts. I can suspend disbelief for awesome characters and a fun story but this has neither.

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The Starter Wife
by Bethany Lopez
The Jilted Wives Club book 4

Published 2021

Book Review: Starter Wife by Bethany Lopez
The Starter Wife by Bethany Lopez
The Jilted Wives Club book 1

When life gives you lemons, make a Lemontini… Divorced and jobless at forty-something, Whitney never thought she’d be starting over. But here she is. Single and (not so) ready to mingle – with anyone except him. Luca leads a charmed life. He’s got the perfect job, the support of a big Italian family, and a bevy of women eager to grant his mother’s wish for grandchildren… except the woman he really wants. Now that Whitney’s Starter Wife days are over, Luca is determined to convince her to give him a shot. Too bad the only shot Whitney’s sure of right now is the Lemontini.

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