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Review: Taking His Shot by Kendall Ryan

I’m always sad to see the end of a series but this one went out with a bang because Jordie and Harper were so much fun. Owen and Becca have been my absolute favorite couple through the series but this couple is just as good. Harper had a rough childhood thanks to hockey. Her dad’s career in the NHL required sacrifices her whole life: frequent moves that meant she could never put down roots or make true friends and she always had to share him with his teams. She has vowed that hockey will not touch her life again in any way and the cardinal rule for keeping her promise is to never date a hockey player.

Jordie is immediately enthralled with the cagey beauty and her resistance to his charm just makes him want her more. Harper doesn’t make it easy on him, but he’s not one to shy away from a challenge. I loved their banter, especially in the beginning, when she really wanted him to just go away. He’s persistent and charming, so she can’t help falling for him, even if he is a hockey player. Their chemistry is insane but more importantly, Jordie isn’t the cocky jock she expected, he’s sweet and funny and vulnerable. Harper eventually realizes she needs to let go of her rule and see where this goes since she likes him so much.

The ending felt a bit rushed, which is a little disappointing, but I did like it. The ending was good but there could have been another chapter or two in there to give us a bit more insight. I really enjoyed seeing where all the couples are now and loved the epilogue, I just wish there was more. The whole series is fun and will probably get read again because I really loved the characters and enjoyed every book.

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Taking His Shot
by Kendall Ryan
Hot Jocks book 7 of 8

Published 2020

Taking His Shot by Kendall Ryan - Hot Jocks book 7
Review: Taking His Shot by Kendall Ryan
Hot Jocks book 7

She says she doesn’t date players.

She swears up and down that she’ll never handle my stick.

We’ll see about that, sweetheart.

When I win the pleasure of Harper’s company at a charity auction, I get exactly one date—one shot to win over the gorgeous and feisty brunette.

Game on. I play hard, and I love a challenge.

But just when I think I’ve finally carved out my shot . . . a huge secret implodes around us, threatening everything we’ve built.

What to expect: A hunky, determined hockey player. A hard-to-win-over heroine. Exposed secrets, steamy good times, and a male-only romance book club. Yes!

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