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Review: A Seal’s Oath by Cora Seton

This book was nothing like I was expecting and I had a love-hate relationship with it in every way. I mostly love the characters so want to know more about them and see what happens to them but at the same time, the story itself was just too out there for me. Reality gameshows are, unfortunately, a reality of our world but this one was too crazy to embrace.

There was a lot I liked about it, but the overlord controlling everyone’s fate and his insane demands for the men was just too much. They had four men and he wanted more, which makes sense. Viewers would enjoy families more so he wants women and children. That’s understandable from a casting perspective, even if it’s unreasonable from a don’t-ruin-your-life-for-a-tv-show perspective. But all of the men must get married and at least some of them impregnate their wives, plus children conceived before filming begins don’t count. Say what now? Plus, everyone agreed to six months but then the show is publicized as a twelve-month run. Via a website that violates everyone’s privacy, including the stalking victim who crossed the country to escape death threats and never agreed to participate in the show or it’s publicity events.

As if all that weren’t enough, Riley and her friends are trying to live a Regency lifestyle and coincidentally, their new neighbors also do, which is just, no. I can only suspend disbelief so much, okay? I just can’t.

What I wanted: hot military guys burning up the pages. What I got: a whole lot of weird, to put it very mildly.

To be honest, there are ten books in the series and I will probably, at some dark point in the near future, read the other nine. My TBR is so long it’s embarrassing and I can’t read all the time (sadly) so it would be irresponsible to buy this series. That’s never stopped me before but I’m trying to do better so we’ll see what happens.

Boone and Riley have an interesting history and they’re both great characters so I was rooting for them but at the same time, I want to yell at them and make them quit the show because what the hell? Dammit, I already want to know where book 2 is going after having read a sample and I kind of want to smack myself a little. I probably can’t recommend this book in good conscience but it really sucked me in, not gonna lie, so do with that information what you will.

A Seal’s Oath on Amazon

A Seal’s Oath
by Roxie Noir
SEALs of Chance Creek book 1

Published 2016

A Seal's Oath by Cora Seton - book 1 in The Navy SEALs of Chance Creek series
Review: A Seal’s Oath by Cora Seton
SEALs of Chance Creek book 1

Wanted: one wife, one baby. Love not required.

Navy SEAL Boone Rudman has six months to find a wife and get her pregnant or he’ll lose his chance to win 1500 acres of prime Montana ranch land. So when he discovers Riley Eaton living on his new ranch, all grown up from the tomboy she used to be, he decides she’ll do for his bride—whether or not she’s got other plans.

Riley Eaton quit her job, sold her car and moved to Chance Creek with her friends to pursue the dreams she’d put on hold for far too long. She has no idea her uncle sold the ranch out from under her—and has no plans to marry any time soon—but when Boone shows up, sexy as hell after fifteen years in the service, she begins to wonder if her priorities are all wrong.

When duty turns to desire, Boone launches a campaign to win Riley’s heart. But is it too little, too late? Or can he convince Riley to forget the past and create a future worth fighting for?

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