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Review: Forever Wicked by Piper Lawson

This is almost an extended epilogue for the series, as it focuses mainly on Haley and Jax’s wedding planning and wedding but it’s the perfect way to end the series. It’s funny, sweet and romantic, just like everything else about their story. I always want more whenever I fall in love with a story but I can also admit the author has given us a good ending, even if I resent that the story is ending. This is a great series that I can’t recommend enough and this is a perfect ending to it.

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Wicked series

Forever Wicked
by Piper Lawson
Wicked book 4

Published 2019

Forever Wicked by Piper Lawson - Wicked series book 4
Review: Forever Wicked by Piper Lawson – Wicked series book 4

Jax Jamieson was the biggest rock star on the planet. 

And he loved me.

We’ve been through ups and downs I thought would tear us—and me—apart. 

But we made it back to each other.

Now, I don’t want the big ceremony, the dress, or the paparazzi.

I only want Jax. His heart, his soul, his hoodie.


FOREVER WICKED is a reader-driven wedding story that follows the completed bestselling new adult rock star trilogy WICKED!

Binge Jax and Haley’s epic, addictive story in order: 1.Good Girl; 2. Bad Girl; 3. Wicked Girl; 4. Forever Wicked.

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