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Review: Baby Inheritance by Mckenna James

This is a twist on the fake relationship and the crazy family members added a layer of interest. I wasn’t sure how to feel about Valentina at first but was sympathetic after learning about her childhood and meeting her awful grandmother. The premise was interesting and I like the fact that they fell in love while scheming. This story had some plot holes but nothing fatal and it’s a fun story with cute characters.

Hudson and Valentina are adorable together. They have great chemistry and they’re both good people who need someone in their lives so it was easy to root for them. This was a quick read and can be read as a standalone, no cliffhanger, but I’ll definitely give some of the other books in this series a chance.

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Baby Inheritance
by Mckenna James
Inherit Love book 1

Published 2019

Baby Inheritance by Mckenna James - Inherit Love book 1
Review: Baby Inheritance by Mckenna James Inherit Love book 1

It only took a day for her to lose everything.

But give her nine months and a pact with her best friend’s brother, and she can get it all back.


It sucks waking up rich, then finding out your father has stolen everything you had. But a clause in my grandmother’s will can solve all my problems.

There’s one catch – I need to have a baby.

I’ve always wanted to be a mother. To have a family.

But I’ll need to beat my rival cousin to the delivery room in order to inherit.

Good thing my best friend’s devilishly handsome brother needs a cash injection to keep his construction company afloat.

I’ve had a secret crush on him since before I needed a bra, so making a baby with him sounds like a dream come true.

Now I’ve just got to convince him to get me pregnant.

And pray he doesn’t break my heart in the process.


Growing up, I never paid much attention to my kid sister’s friend Valentina.

But damn has she changed. Now she’s all curves and legs that go on forever.

One minute I’m floundering to make payroll, the next she’s telling me that she needs someone to get her pregnant.

If it all goes according to plan, she’ll split fifty million dollars with me.

My brain hurts from the possible complications, but the way she bites her bottom lip when she asks—it makes the wrong head do the thinking.

Solving my financial problems in exchange for stud service . . .

How soon can I start?

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