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Review: Cabin Fever by Elizabeth Lynx

I make an effort to mainly post positive reviews but I’m at a loss here because this is one of the worst books I’ve read in my life yet it’s extremely popular so this is more venting than review, to be honest. Let’s start with the fact that I’ve never encountered a more unattractive MC than Carter. The description isn’t all that attractive to begin with but when things start to heat up, we learn that his sexual preferences are unusual and women never want a second time with him. Say what now? That’s probably the most disturbing thing I’ve ever read in a romance novel because it’s treated like that’s no big deal. That would be fine if this was some niche kink erotica but this is supposed to be contemporary romance so a man that disgusts and/or horrifies the women willing to sleep with him is not wanted here.

Olivia wasn’t much better because she’s sheltered and clueless, but not in a cute way where you want to see him support her as she blossoms, she’s pretty pathetic. I stuck it out, hoping things would improve because I hate to quit a book but it actually got worse, not better. There’s all kinds of stuff happening but it’s kind of background noise in that we’re not given enough context to care so it’s distracting. The dialogue is stilted and not at all realistic, which is impossible for me to get past. I was hoping this was the beginning of a fun series but there’s no reason to try another book in this series. I’d like to say I’ll give the author’s other work a chance but only if someone I trust recommends one of her books.

Cabin Fever on Amazon

Cabin Fever
by Elizabeth Lynx
Lost and Found book 1

Published 2019

Cabin Fever by Elizabeth Lynx
Review: Cabin Fever by Elizabeth Lynx

Olivia Love has it all. She’s rich, spoiled, and about to marry the man of her dreams—until she witnesses her fiancée with someone else, sending her on a little run. Down the side of a mountain. In her wedding dress.

When she finds a cabin in the woods, her relief is short-lived at discovering it to be empty. No phone, no heat, and no way back to her perfect little life. That is until a gun-toting mountain man fills the space and sends her heart rate skyrocketing.

Carter Fitzwilliam likes the simple things in life. His sheep farm, his privacy, and man’s best friend are all he needs until a smart-mouthed beauty in a white dress breaks into his cabin and threatens to complicate the hell out of everything.

Will these two opposites attract or push each other over the mountain?

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