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Review: Lucky Number Eleven by Adriana Locke

This was one of those stories where I thought I knew exactly what was going to happen but there was a twist I didn’t see coming. It didn’t play out at all like I expected but I really enjoyed it. Layla was immediately likeable and although I wasn’t a big Branch fan at first, I did warm up to him later on. There was instant attraction between the two but Branch’s best friend happens to be Layla’s brother and he made it clear she was off-limits for the playboy. They were on fire at first then everything changes.

They both saw this as no-strings-attached fun but they’re both left wanting more and both running scared, for different reasons. Layla’s breakup is still fresh and she’s sworn off athletes because they’re all playboys but she can’t get him out of her mind. Branch has never wanted more so his continuing interest in her is baffling and a bit scary. Eventually they’re both forced to confront their feelings and fess up to the other because the stakes are higher than they ever could have imagined and they have some tough decisions to make. Layla is worried he’ll break her heart and Branch is, too. He doesn’t think he’s capable of treating her right.

There are a lot of obstacles for this couple including Layla’s douchey ex (who’s still living rent free in her head) and her brother, Finn, plus the media frenzy surrounding on of the NFL’s most popular bachelors. Branch was sweet and sexy at first, then kind of a jackass but he came around. Layla is sassy and tough while Branch is bit more sarcastic so the banter is great.

The supporting characters in the story are Finn and Layla’s BFF Poppy, who went from friends-with-benefits to being Finn’s girlfriend. Poppy brings the comic relief and Finn causes some of the angst but it works. These characters add a lot to the story so I’d love to read their book. I only wish this was longer because it’s a fun story with an unexpected twist and I enjoyed it very much.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to figure this out, but the author posts playlists for all of her books and you can follow Adriana Locke on Spotify. Check out the playlist for Lucky Number Eleven.

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Lucky Number 11
by Adriana Locke

Published 2017

Lucky Number Eleven - Adriana Locke
Review: Lucky Number Eleven by Adriana Locke

I’ve always been the person that does whatever someone tells me I can’t.

Can’t graduate with a four-point-oh? Check.
Can’t win a modeling contract without trying? Did it. Check.
Can’t make it in the pro football league? Triple check with an MVP Award on top.

When my best friend told me to stay away from his little sister, Layla, it didn’t sound like a challenge. Then again, I’d never seen her before.

He obviously wasn’t thinking about who he was talking to if he believed I could ignore her. I obviously wasn’t thinking of him at all when I fell in love with her either.

Fact of the matter is: I not only fell harder than a quarterback sack on a Sunday night game, but I did us one better. Kind of like that MVP award, only not so shiny. Sort of like my Player of the Year title, except the only thing I’m walking away with is an ex-best friend and a woman that hates my guts.

It’s okay. Just tell me I can’t win her back.

I’m Branch “Lucky” Best and today’s my lucky day.

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