Punk 57 - Penelope Douglas

Extras: Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

There are three great chapters of Punk 57 bonus content, plus a playlist and a Pinterest board, so lots of goodies to enjoy on the author’s website.

I really enjoyed the deleted scene from high school. It illustrates how well they get along when they’re alone, despite their seriously dysfunctional interaction at school. Told from Ryen’s POV, it’s just an hour in their day together but it says a lot about them as a couple, even if they weren’t really a couple yet. I understand why this scene was deleted but would have loved if this was left in because it foreshadows their happiness before they figure things out. It was sweet and sexy and perfectly Misha and Ryen.

The Fall Break bonus scene starts from Manny’s POV then moves to J.D. Ten is with them, but plays a background role. This scene is crazy and I wasn’t expecting it to go where it did or to end the way it does. Fall Break is a wild ride and gives us a lot more information about these three than we learned in the book, but it also stops way too soon because now I have so many questions about all three of these characters but especially J.D. There’s a lot to unpack here and I’d love to see a book that tells their stories. It seems unlikely at this point but since Douglas’ newest release, Tryst Six Venom, will be a FF romance, maybe we’ll get a MM romance book starring Manny one day and telling his friends’ stories as well.

My favorite of the three is the extended ending deleted scene. It takes place after high school but before the epilogue in the book, so it’s a mini-epilogue of sorts. Ryen’s a student at Cornell now and Misha’s still touring with the band. Even though we know where they are five years from now, this was a fun peek into the five year span between the end of the book at the epilogue. I loved everything about this scene because it shows them living their best lives and enjoying each other perfectly.

I can’t say much without being a spoiler so I’ll stop here because all three are worth reading. I’m still hoping to get some Micha and Ryen in the Devil’s Night series thanks to the crossover in Punk 57, although I don’t think it happens but since I haven’t yet finished the series, I can still hope.

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