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Extras: Devil’s Night Series by Penelope Douglas

You know what’s even better than author playlists? Bonus content. Nothing is better than music but bonus content is equally fantastic.

Bonus content is big in romance, regardless of sub-genre and that’s awesome for readers. It feeds my obsessiveness perfectly since I pout like a baby when my favorite stories and series come to their inevitable ends. Today I’m going to focus on Devil’s Night since I’m reviewing the series right now, but there will be others because so many of the best authors do this.

Penelope Douglas totally spoils me with the bonus content for Devil’s Night. Her site is bursting with fabulous extras and I can’t get enough. There’s a family tree for the four horseman and their ladies, showing parents and children which also includes Misha Lare Grayson and Ryan Trevarro from Punk 57, since Misha is Will’s cousin and lives in Thunder Bay. Spoiler alert: if you check out the family tree before finishing the series, there’s at least one big spoiler, a HUGE one, so you may want to wait.

The map of Thunder Bay shows the character’s childhood and current homes, plus other significant locations. A flashback timeline covers their high school days and is color-coded by couple for easy reference. It’s also a spoiler if you haven’t completed the entire series. In addition to playlists for every book, there are also deleted scenes, extended scenes, teasers and my personal favorite, the Corrupt Valentine’s Day scene, which takes place about three months after the end of the first book but before the second begins.

The Valentine’s scene is mostly from Rika’s viewpoint but the end is from Kai’s and an interesting preview to Hideaway. We get a glimpse into his relationship with his parents and a taste of the problems the group faces in his book so it’s a fun read between the two stories.

Douglas even includes links to her Pinterest boards where you can see some of the gorgeous aesthetics that inspire her or are inspired by her work. Not only does she have great taste in music, but we have many similar pins including lots of the same pics and models as character inspiration, so I think if we ever meet, we’ll be fast friends.

I realize this is fangirling to the extreme but I’m stoked for the June 3 release of her new FF romance standalone, Tryst Six Venom, so I’m all about all things Penelope Douglas right now.

  • Corrupt – Devil’s Night book 1
  • Hideaway – Devil’s Night book 2
  • Kill Switch – Devil’s Night book 3
  • Conclave – Devil’s Night book 4 (novella)
  • Nightfall – Devil’s Night book 5
  • Fire Night – Devil’s Night book 6 (holiday novella)

3 thoughts on “Extras: Devil’s Night Series by Penelope Douglas”

  1. Ok so my question is, did they ever really explain who athos is other than a little girl abandoned by her mom? If she was abandoned at her babysitter’s, why was she living in the tunnels by herself at 8 years old? Also, what was the gift Christiane gave Damon in fire night? Soooo many questions left unanswered.

    1. A lot of readers asked about Athos so I thought maybe she’d get her own book or at least a novella but I don’t think we ever got more on her. The gift, hmmm. I know Damon is a fan favorite but I can’t stand him and blocked out most of the details about him, if I’m honest.

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