7 Writing Tips For New Authors

This is a great post to help new writers get started, including links to some great resources. Enjoy!


Many of you may have thought about writing a story at some point in your life. Maybe you haven’t thought about it yet but will in the future. Maybe you even went so far as to put some ideas to paper (or to a doc online) but eventually felt discouraged and didn’t know how to continue.

With a creative imagination and inspiration from reading many books, it’s really only a matter of time before an idea pops into your head. But can you turn it into a book? That might be a little bit more intimidating. Where do you start?

Am I a pro?

Admittedly, I am a beginner fiction author. I started seriously pursuing writing in October 2020 after realizing that I could not stop thinking about a potential story idea which is now my current wip.

Although I have not been writing for years or have a published…

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