Book Review

Blog Tour: Tempting the Neighbor by Ashley Munoz

Excerpt from Tempting the Neighbor by Ashley Munoz: At the end of the hall was a closed door, which of course I opened because what if Colson was secretly hiding dead bodies. If more people would be nosy, I was positive more crimes would be solved. But as soon as that door cracked, my eyes rounded, and my jaw hung loose. It wasn’t the massive king-size bed, with no feathers or silk in sight, that got me. It wasn’t his elaborate record collection or his deep-set leather chair that faced his backyard, or the billion-inch television mounted on the wall. No, what had me fully arrested was the soaking tub in his bathroom, complete with jets and a soft pillow neck rest. The urge to relax and let the stress of the morning slip away was too strong to resist. I let out a sigh, tugged off my shirt and whispered, “Come to Mama.”